Tinkering with things

I was speaking with my friend Suhas, and I was reminded about my tinkering and building things as a kid. During my rebellious years, I built tons of things, from radios to telescopes in the figure-things-out-yourself, pre-internet age. Some of the things I built and the code I wrote were of questionable legality. My uncle gave me a stern talking-to about channeling my creativity into more “constructive projects”.

Inspired by these old memories, I decided to fix my computer instead of just buying a new one. My computer problems started with random BSODs when I was playing a game or watching a movie. It turned out that the computer was overheating since the fan in the power-supply unit (PSU) had stopped functioning. So I took it out and opened it up. I tried spinning the fan, and there was a lot of resistance. A little lube from a Q-tip dipped in canola oil, and voila! The fan was running smoothly again.


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