pass, passmenu and dmenu are pretty amazing together

I’ve switched to pass for managing my
passwords on my linux box, nexus phone and android tablet. It’s pretty

Passwords are encrypted using pgp, and synchronized on my desktops using
dropbox. pass also has git support. So I push all my passwords to my
home ssh server using git. I can pull down these passwords to my android
phone and tablet using git packages and a pgp manager.

Setting pass up on android is a little painful. I use

  1. A pgp key management app.
  2. pass for

To get my private pgp key into the app, I do something fairly insecure.
I transfer my key onto a dropbox encfs partition. Then I access this
encfs partition using another app called

BoxCryptor Classic

Then I also need to generate an ssh keypair so that pass for android has
access to my ssh server at home. I again copy the public key to dropbox
and have my server copy it there into the authorized users file.

Passmenu (bundled with pass) is especially powerful since I use dmenu to
launch programs.